What to Look Forward to in Quito?

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Are you visiting Ecuador? Do not miss taking a trip to the wonderful city of Quito that is located in the foothills of the very popular Andes Mountains. There are plenty of historic and modern attractions that Quito has to offer for its foreign tourists. I will touch upon a few of the attractions that I visited on my trip to this place.

Sights to See in Quito


  • Parque La Carolina


I was looking for a place that offered great relaxation and I got it when I visited this wonderful recreational area. It has all modern facilities like walking and running tracks, bike trails, basketball courts, and football fields to offer a fun-filled activity for the entire family. 


  • La Capilla Del Hombre


This is a modern styled museum that is located on top of a hill that overlooks Quito; it was built by the popular Ecuadorian artist Oswaldo Guayasamín. You get to see the beautiful murals, great artworks, and paintings of this man at the adjacent museum.


  • Teleferiqo Ride


Take this cable car ride on a clear day to get stunning and breathtaking visuals of the Quito city from above. You can also get to see plenty of volcanoes that are surrounding Quito. Once you are on the top, you can visit Pichincha Volcano to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. 


  • Plaza Grande


This is a historic place that is surrounded by buildings from where the dictators, presidents, and the royal family ruled and governed Ecuador. I visited the old Carondelet presidential palace during my visit. This was converted into a museum. It also houses the Cathedral of Quito built in the 16th century. Another attraction is the Heroes de la Independencia that reminds the people about the Ecuador war. 


  • La Compania De Jesus


This is an old church of Ecuador that was built in the 16th century. Its walls and ceilings have stylish and ornate designs and over 500 kilograms of gold have been used to decorate the wall and ceilings along with wood and mosaic. This church has 11 altars.