Things to Do and See in Harbin

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One of the most interesting and attractive places to visit for all those who love adventure, fun, and merriment is Harbin. This is the capital city of Heilongjiang Province. There is a good mix of the Jewish and Russian culture here along with the Chinese relics.

Attractions in Harbin


  • Siberian Tiger Park


It is about 37 kilometers from Harbin. I loved the visit to this wild park as it housed lions, white tigers, Bengali tigers, black pumas, and lynx. This park is spread over 10 acres. I took a bus ride of the park and got to see white tigers and lions in flesh and blood.


  • St. Sophia Church


It is a must-see when visiting Harbin as it is the longest Orthodox Church in China. It is about 54 meters high and has the Russian architecture ad feel to it. The construction of this church was started in 1907 and the huge attractive dome in the center of this building is a major attraction.


  • Dragon Tower


It is the tallest steel tower in China and the 2nd tallest in the world. It measures 336 meters in height and is the TV broadcasting tower. This is a multipurpose tower that incorporates TV broadcasting, sightseeing, and food and beverage options to attract visitors.


  • Ice and Snow World


It is a very good sight to visit with family and kids. It houses some of the best snow and ice carvings and multi-colored ice lanterns that is a sight to behold. I loved the trip to this ice world. It is a place to enjoy many ice recreational activities. The ice castles, themed snow shows, ice acrobatics, and the full-fledged amusement park offers loads and loads of fun and merriment on ice and snow.


  • Harbin Polar Land


It is the first of a kind theme park in China where you get to see the South Polar penguin family in an underwater aquarium. The polar land animal show is a major attraction here and must not be missed by the visitors coming to hits land.