Takayama Gives You Insight Into The Local Hida Culture

Besides the bustling main cities of Japan, there are several quaint smaller urban landscapes to visit such as Takayama. Known to be a gorgeous and little city, it is said to be a gateway of Hida which gives you a glimpse of the Hida region. Whether you are here for a day or have some more days to explore, it can help you enjoy the traditions and culture of the Japanese people.

The attractions of the city are different, unlike what you find in the bigger cities of the country. This city helps you get untouched views of the country’s history as has survived through centuries. Explore the Hida region to get a glimpse into the local traditions and local customs. These are prevalent even today and make wandering around the streets of the place a unique experience of observing the local customs and traditions. The Hinda folk village offers you a step back in time. Here you can visit the Hida Folk village museum, which has farmhouses that are lifelike and are exhibits of living styles in the mountainous regions as well as an architecture that is unique to such homes.

Visit the Sanmachi area of the city that has several old streets where one can explore and check out traditional handicrafts and other stores.

For an outdoor adventure outing check out Shinhotaka ropeway. It leads into the mountains and provides a great view of the surrounding hilltops with low clouds that makes you feel that you are standing above them at sunset.

As Takayama is a small city and known as Little Kyoto, it is possible to walk around or take in sites across the city simply by taking a bicycle. The city center comprises of few streets that can help you stay on track as well as discover the merchant streets, the alleyways and backstreets without getting lost.

You can also experience Hida Cuisine here while you are here. Try the Ramen noodle varieties that are particularly popular here as well as Hoba Miso, which comprises of bean paste grilled on Hoba leaf and offered with rice and dips. There are several Hida beef dishes to discover as well for the meat lovers as well as soak in the local breweries.