Sedona Is A Desert Haven!

If you love discovering unique places around the country, Sedona is a small town that has much to offer, being a haven located in the desert region of Arizona. The town has about 10,000 residents and is considered an oasis city. With its pleasant ambience it has created a haven for outdoor enthusiasts to visit as well as healers and artists.

The canyons that surround the town make for the unique landscape on its outer reaches. It is a desert town in Arizona; this town of Flagstaff has pine forests as well as red rocks and steep canyon walls. The community comprises of artists and outdoor enthusiasts for which it has several art and cultural events and centers around town. The uptown area has New Age shops, art galleries and spas. The outskirts of the town have several trail heads. These provide access to the Red Rock State Park. One can opt to hike or picnic in different spots as well as indulge in the lazy art of bird watching.

Sedona is straddled in between Yavapai and Coconino counties in the northern part of the state. The main attractions here are the formations of red sandstone. These glow in brilliant shades of red and orange, which are further illuminated by the sun rays as they rise or when they set. The red rocks offer a site for different activities, from mountain biking trails to spiritual pursuits.  

Sedona is named after the wife of the first postmaster of the city, Sedona Arabella Miller Schnebly. She was celebrated around town for her industriousness and hospitality.

When you are here visiting the Oak Creek Canyon where you can go fishing, camping and hiking. The river gorge that is located here creates a geography that is a smaller form of the Grand Canyon.

Then plan a visit to Slide Rock State Park that was a former apple farm. This place gained its name for the slippery creek bottom that it has and is part of the Oak Creek Canyon preserve.

Cathedral Rock is another famous landmark here that dots the Arizona skyline which is located in the Coconino National Forest.

Bell Rock is another site of popular attraction here, north of Villahe of Oak Creek. It is another popular place for hikers and climbers.