São Paulo, Brazil – Get The Chance To See Metropolis City

Sau Paulo is considered as the third largest metropolitan city of South America. Grab your camera and click the beautiful pictures of different places of the city. This city is fully influenced by Germany, Bolivia, Peru, and Lebanon. You will find excellent restaurants in this city where you can seek tasty dishes.

  • Museu de Arte – those who love art must go here

It is the museum of Art which is also known as MASP. It came into being in the year 1968. It has a complete collection of art. You will come across popular works by Picasso, Gogh, and many more. You will also find sculptures from the popular names.

  • Teatro Municipal (City Theater) – watch the best things here

The famous theatre which comes after Paris Opéra is an amalgamation of themes like Art Nouveau as well as Renaissance themes from Italy. It is a major attraction that no one wants to miss at any point.

  • Parque do Ibirapuera – mark of excellence

The park is the landscape which is created by architect like Roberto Burle Marx. He has designed several buildings. This park will give you green view all over because of museums, garden areas, trails and so on.

  • Museu de Arte Contemporânea – wide range of scultures

This is again designed by Oscar Niemeyer. This house has several exhibitions and various shows take place here. This museum has a large variety of art schools, and several painters belonging to Brazil. The prominent painters from Brazil include Di Cavalcanti, Malfatti and lots of others. The garden of sculptures was founded by Roberto Burle Marx and has displays of works from 30 famous people.   So much to experience in Sao Paulo!

  • Parque da Independància and Museu Paulista – get the view of formal gardens all around

This is the city consisted of superb gardens especially of roses, fantastic fountains, and topiary. The entire structure is based on Italian architect. You will find a huge collection of arts, paintings, and lots of furniture items.  The entire furniture is based on the imperial time, which is the most attractive part of this spot. Visit the spot and spend quality time with your loved ones.