Levis: Indulge In Some Fun Things To Do

Levis, the beautiful city along St. Lawrence River is a great place for a weekend getaway. What I liked about this city was the village like feel that it exerts. It is connected to Quebec by two bridges and also by ferry. It is mostly frequented by people who want to spend time away from the city for a day. Anyone who is staying in Levis, here are a few things you can do.

  • Enjoy the view

I took a ferry along the beautiful river of St. Lawrence. The spectacular view that it offered was a visual treat. If you will get to see the two cities, Quebec and Levis stretched out along the bank. Ferries leave every hour and you will be able to enjoy this view even in the evening. Oh, but do not leave your camera at home. There are some snaps that you can capture.

  • Drop in at historic train yard

The historic roundhouse in Joffre Yard is worth a visit. It is in the Charny district. The railway station is one of the oldest ones that you will find in the city. What’s surprising is it is still in operation.

  • Travel back in time

Saint Nicholas is one of the oldest parishes of Canada. A visit to this made me travel back in time. The pleasant walk along the street will offer you a view of the historic buildings. It has been named after Nicolas de Myre.

  • Take a walk across river

Well, of course not in the literal sense but you can talk a walk along the Quebec Bridge. This is a pedestrian walkway that will take you from one city to another. Stretching 987 meters, the bridge has a height of 104 meters. Taking a walk across the longest cantilever bridge has surely been a great experience.