Gateway Arch And Other Attractions In St Louis Missouri

St Louis needs no introduction and is usually on the list of visits by most travelers to the US state of Missouri. It is a beautiful city with distinct cultural vibes that makes it unique. It is also known as the Mound City as well as nicknamed as the boom city of the country. This was probably well earned as the city did see an economic boom phase that led to several Fortune 500 companies setting up their headquarters here. There are companies of different sectors like health, energy, transport and finance here. Large companies being headquartered here has led to a busy and bustling downtown area development.

What you will like is to wander the different residential neighborhoods. The avenues and colonies of homes and old historic buildings showcase the life and year gone by in this region. Many historic mansions have been renovated and restored to keep up the look and feel of the place. The downtown area has been renovated to set up several modern facilities including sports venues. 

Moving onto important landmarks in the region. The famed Gateway Arch in St. Louis is on the list for most people, it is an iconic symbol of the country’s expansion. Being a curved and tall monument that is 630 ft in height, the views from the top are magnificent as it provides an expansive view of the surrounding cityscape. There is a museum here as well.

Move on to check out the City Museum. It has a discovery center as well as a playground. With art installation that are evolved and changed very often, this discovery center made from objects found is a must see.

The city has a Forest Park, which is a historic space comprising of zoos, golf courses, athletic fields and four museums in total. This park spans a large area of 1371 acres of land which was opened in the year 1876.

The Gateway Arch National Park is by the iconic landmark and is a memorial park that honors Jefferson and his role in the western expansion of the country.

You cannot miss out the Missouri Botanical Garden as well, which would be part of any standard guided tour you take. There are exhibits and walk able gardens here. With a butterfly house and a Victorian home right in the midst, be prepared to come with comfortable walking shoes as it is a large area to explore.