Chiquimala is a city located in Guatemala. It is a small city that has a lot of good tourist location in the city. It is mostly cold and has a grey shade to it. Given below are some fun activities you can indulge in when in Chiquimala

Volcan Ipala

Volcan Ipala is a very enjoyable hike up to the volcano which fortunately is not very challenging, but surely very enjoyable. I hiked the volcano within an hour. It is a beautiful view from the top of the hill. The villagers offer food here at reasonable rates. My camping squad even found a lake on the top of this volcano hill and we could swim in it. We also had the opportunity to boat.

Laguna Del Jute

This a natural body of water alongside a park located in Chiquimula. It is surrounded by mountains and the best part is that it is peaceful and does not have an excessive crowd. This makes it a highly cool and soothing place for any individual. I would not prefer for anyone to go here at night. I went there during day time and it served as a perfect picnic spot. The temperature here is fresh and calming. You can easily read or have a whole life detox here. I would easily call it a “place of peace”.

Iglesia De La Santisima Trinidad

This is a church located in Chiquimula. It was developed during the colonial area. This Church of Trinity was ruined over 200 years ago and now it’s only remains are left. The place offers to be a great visit for local students. When I visited this church, I learned about the culture of the city and how spiritual everyone residing here is that the church was never replaced. My visit was highly informative and for anyone interested in history, this place is a must visit.  

El Picadero Steak House

Chiquimula’s most famous El Picadero Steak House serves as an amazing place to get away from the pollution of the city and breathe into fresh air. I went there on a Sunday morning with a colleague and some of the best food of my life. The place also offers a beautiful landscape, horse riding, and karaoke performances.